How to Tell If You Need a Fort Worth Roof Repair or Replacement

Knowing whether your roof needs some Fort Worth roof repair, replacement, or patching is something you shouldn’t take lightly. It’s important to know how to manage your roof when the time comes that it gets damaged or worn out due to age or severe weather conditions. It’s no secret that every roof will one day break!

How do you spot a roofing problem and decide the best course of action? Being familiar with the warning signs will save you from wasting money on a replacement that’s done too early or a huge repair that should have been made sooner. This article will help you make a smarter choice.

When You Need a Fort Worth Roof Repair

It’s pretty obvious that you need a Fort Worth roof repair as soon as possible when your area has just been hit by a hail storm. However, even without the presence of a calamity, you should be alert for the following signs that require an immediate repair:

1. Growth of algae and moss

If you see algae and moss on your roof, this is a clear indication that your roof is damp and isn’t getting enough sunlight. Try to see whether the specific area of your roof where these growths occurred is shaded. Aside from being a cosmetic problem, algae and moss retain moisture. This speeds up the process of roof deterioration.

2. Water leaking in your home or building

Following a heavy rain, do you see a puddle of water on the floor? Is water dripping from your ceiling? A lot of times, shingle roofs that leak are easy to patch. The trick is in finding the problem area. A roofing contractor will usually spot damaged or missing shingles where the leak has occurred. Never go up on your roof yourself to conduct an inspection!

3. Shingle granules in the gutter

Ideally, only water should flow through the gutters. If you find granules of your roof shingles in the gutter, this means that you need a roof repair. Minor granule shed happens as a result of heavy rains and strong winds. There is no need for you to panic if you know that your roof age is still under 15 years. Give your Fort Worth roof repair contractor a call and they will know what kind of repair needs to be done.

When You Need a Fort Worth Roof Replacement

A roof replacement is needed if obvious and extensive damage has occurred in your home or building. For most property owners, a roof replacement can be a daunting process. You should do this anyway if you want to increase the value of your property and avoid more costly repairs in the long run.

1. Roof age is over 20 years

If you encounter the signs mentioned above (algae/moss growth, water leaks, and shingle granules in the gutter) and your roof is more than 20 years, replace it immediately. Doing this helps you avoid any damage to your home or building’s interior. It’s important to know the average lifespan of your roof. Also, contact your insurance and find out if your roof replacement costs will be covered.

2. Your roof looks bad from the street

If you believe you need a new roof, try stepping into the street. Do you see several black streaks on your roof? Are the shingles falling apart? Is the roof line sagging? These signs are an emergency. Getting yourself a new roof won’t only prevent interior damage, but will also improve the overall appeal of your home.


3. Rising energy bills

A worn out roof negatively affects your indoor insulation. Weak spots can diminish your roof’s ability to keep moisture out. If your energy bills have significantly risen, this indicates that your roof has lost its effectiveness. When getting a roof replacement, you might want to choose a light-colored roof to reduce heat in your home or install solar panels for energy efficiency.

Over to You

There you have it, our list of signs you need a Fort Worth roof repair or replacement. For you to better decide which one you need today, contact your local roofing contractor to schedule a personal inspection.

Here at TQM Roofing Solutions, we offer you a free estimate so you can make a better roofing decision for your home or commercial building.