Roofing Insurance Claims for Storm Damage

As an “act of God claim”,  storm, hail and wind damage are covered in your property or homeowners insurance policy.  Filing a storm claim is a free service and cannot be held against you no matter the outcome.

After all, the purpose of having an insured home is to have less financial stress.​ Below are some simple steps to deal with an insurance claim in Texas.

Hail Damage Roof In Fort Worth

1. Roof Inspection

If your roof is more than eight years old, or if you feel you might have suffered storm damage, call TQM Roofing for a free inspection.

We can identify potential damages in your roof, and offer an affordable roof repair or recommend filing a claim for full roof replacement.

2. File A Claim

Whether it be wind or hail,  If we identify enough storm damage we can assist you in filing a claim with your insurance provider.

Wind Damage Roof Fort Worth

3. Set A Meeting

TQM will meet with your adjuster to show them all areas of concern, and ensure you receive the full benefit you deserve.

We have skilled and trained people who will work to get you reasonable settlement.

Roof Insurance Claim In Fort Worth TX

4. Insurance Paperwork

We will work with you to make sure you fully understand your benefits and explain all your options.

5. Completing The Work

Should TQM earn your business, all work will be done in a professional and timely manner.  We are insured, A+ rated, and will provide referrals.

Getting a home or roof insurance claim in Texas is highly indispensable. Since you cannot control any weather-related disasters or accidents, it is an effective solution for you to handle and surpass your problems. If your residential property is not yet insured, look for an insurance provider right away before it is too late.

Nonetheless, you have to be wiser in making a decision to avoid unreliable companies. Also, you need to select one of the most awesome roof inspection providers to assist you throughout your experience. With TQM Roofing Solutions, we can make a just coverage or a fair roof repair and replacement value possible. CALL US TODAY!