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Shingle Roof Replacement

TQM Roofing Solutions Can Provide a Free Roofing Estimate for Your Shingle Roof.

Your roof is an important part of your home. It provides shelter from the elements, allowing your family to live in your home comfortably. Unfortunately, your current roof isn’t going to last forever. When the time comes to have it replaced, TQM Roofing & Contracting Solutions is here to provide you with a free roofing estimate in Fort Worth, TX. Call us today at 682-708-5166 to schedule an appointment.

Do You Need a Roof Replacement Estimate?

So how do you know if your roof is reaching the end of its life? How much longer does your roof have before it caves in completely? These are questions that a professional roofing inspection will be able to answer, but there are also a few signs that you can look for to know when to call the roofers:

  • You’ve started noticing water spots on the ceiling or walls of your home
  • When you go up into your attic, you can see light coming through the roof
  • When you look at your roof from the outside, the shingles are curled at the edges
  • You notice moss or algae growing on your shingles
  • You notice a sagging area on the roof

Knowing how old your roof is can also help you decide if it’s time to see about a replacement. Roofs typically need to be replaced at least every 20 years. If your neighbors start having their roofs replaced, that might also be an indicator that yours should be upgraded.

Regardless of the specific signs you start to notice, if you suspect your roof needs to be replaced and want to know how much that will cost, call 682-708-5166 for a free roofing estimate in Fort Worth, TX.

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If you’ve seen telltale signs that your roof isn’t as sturdy as it once was, don’t try to do a full inspection on your own. This could be dangerous and ineffective. TQM Roofing & Contracting Solutions does residential roof inspections of every kind and is willing to provide a free roofing estimate in Fort Worth, TX. All you have to do is call 682-708-5166 and schedule an appointment. We will take care of the rest and ensure that you receive total quality, affordable roof repairs or replacement.