Do You Need Flashing Repair for Your Roof?

Your roof’s flashing is necessary in order to prevent water from getting into the joints, seams, and vents. Because of this, when your flashing is damaged it’s important to get repairs right away. But how can you tell if you need flashing repair for your roof? Below are a few indications that let homeowners know when flashing repair is necessary.


Do You Need Flashing Repair for Your Roof

Find Out If You Need Flashing Repair for Your Roof.

Flashing comes in a wide range of materials from steel to aluminum and even tar. When those areas become worn over time, they can become cracked. With cracks in the flashing, your home will be vulnerable to leaks.


Another sign you need flashing repair is when it starts to rust or corrode. Because of the materials used like steel or aluminum, it can rust over the years.


Typically, leaks that are caused by flashing damage have to do with the above problems. When cracks and rust aren’t addressed, it can lead to leaks in your attic, which can then make their way to your ceiling.


Homes that have flashing made from metal still have to worry about rust and cracks, but flashing constructed from tar or cement really need to worry about damages. Not just because they are more prone to damages, but because they can age more than metal flashing.

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