7 Top Environmentally Friendly Roofing Options

Is it time to replace your roof? Are you building a new home or office? If so, there are homeowners or commercial property owners like you who seek for eco-friendly roofing options that reduce energy costs and make interior spaces more comfortable. This article will provide you a list of choices you may want to try. Also, check your residential or commercial roofing company for these types of roofs.

1. Green Roof

True to its name, a green roof is the type of roof that’s covered with living vegetation. Green roofs usually appeal to commercial building owners since they offer a multitude of benefits. Aside from adding an aesthetic appeal to buildings, green roofs protect roof membranes, hold rainwater, minimize noise, and help cool the building itself. This leads to greater staff productivity.

2. Solar Panels

Solar panels can be mounted on almost any type of existing roof. Though they’re highly noticeable and affect the aesthetic appeal of homes and buildings, they derive clean energy from the sun, reduce your carbon footprint, and allow you to save on your costly electricity bills. Various roofing companies Fort Worth provide solar panels that match your home’s design.

3. White Roof or Cool Roof

Does the temperature rise too high in your area during the summer? Preparing for warmer days is a good reason to go white. A white or cool roof can be made of any material but serves the same purpose: To reduce the roof’s temperature thus keeping the interior of a home or building cool as well. Your commercial roofing company may recommend a better material for this option such as a metal roof.

4. Recycled Shingles

Recycled shingles are among the most environmentally friendly roofing options to try. These shingles are derived from waste products like rubber (from tires), plastic, wood fiber, or even the wastes that come from residential homes. Aside from taking part in reducing trash in landfills, another good reason to choose recycled shingles is their extreme durability! Some even come with 50-year warranties.

5. Reclaimed Clay or Slate Tile Roof

If you want to have a roof with a classic, Spanish-style appeal, you’ll never go wrong with clay or slate tiles. Having been around for a very long time, this roofing option is made of clay – a staple of the roofing industry worldwide. Since these eco-friendly roofs look curved, they lower the temperature inside your home and may even outlive your property! Take note though that these may require regular maintenance.

6. Cedar Wood Roof

Roofs made of cedar (wood shingles) look exceptionally beautiful but are quite expensive. However, you’ll love cedar wood roof for its ability to withstand harsh weather (hail storms, strong winds, heavy rains, etc), last long, and provide natural insulation which helps you save on energy bills. To prevent fungal growth on your cedar roof, look for cedar treatment preservatives.

7. Metal Roof

A popular choice among residential and commercial properties, metal roofs are made of steel or aluminum. They are known to withstand hail storms, heavy rains, and snow. They are also impenetrable to troublesome pests and are fire resistant. A commercial roofing company may put a higher price on metal roofs than asphalt roofs. However, you’ll be able to save in the long run due to their service life and energy efficiency.

The Takeaway

More and more homeowners and commercial building owners realize the tremendous value that environmentally friendly roofing options provide. With these types of roofs, you can enjoy several benefits. These include more energy savings, added aesthetic appeal, better temperature, a quieter environment, and durability.

When choosing among these eco-friendly roofing options, always pick one that matches your needs and personal preferences. Lastly, go for a roof that comes from a trusted manufacturer.