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Preventative Maintenance Your Home Actually Needs

Tree Toppled Down Onto a Blue House.

Without Preventative Maintenance, the Beautiful, Large Trees Near Your Home Become Safety Hazards.

Repairs and maintenance represent indispensable components of home ownership.  In their absence, issues will worsen to create more expensive repair requirements, or even undermine the structural stability of your house. In order to prevent this consequence and properly care for your home, certain types of preventative maintenance are indispensable. Most types of preventative maintenance are fairly affordable, too, especially compared to the full-fledged repairs they can avert.

Preventative Maintenance You Shouldn’t Ignore

Many different components of your home can benefit from some type of preventative maintenance. However, most homeowners are limited in their available funds, and need to prioritize. The preventative measures outlined below will not only save you money, but also increase your home’s value and avert serious problems down the road.

  • Protect Your Foundation: Foundation repairs are literally the most expensive problem a homeowner can face. In most cases, water is the culprit. To prevent cracks and slab leaks, you’ll want to ensure that the ground slopes away from your foundation. If it doesn’t, call a foundation company and schedule service.
  • Identify and Fix Leaks: If you suspect a leak, either in your plumbing or roof, you’ll want to call for professional leak detection. Leaks allowed to persist unabated can damage everything from your insulation and ceiling, to the framing that gives your home structural integrity. Leaks will also encourage the proliferation of mold.
  • Check for Product Recalls: Few homeowners understand the importance of recall checks. Visit today. If any of your appliances have safety recalls, follow the necessary steps to qualify. If you don’t, your faulty appliances could leave you and your home vulnerable to serious harm.
  • General Roof Repair: Any roof maintenance needs must be resolved quickly, else they will evolve into more serious problems. Preventative maintenance can affirm the integrity of your roofing, especially across vulnerable areas like your flashing.
  • Attend to the Trees: Most people do not appreciate how dangerous it is to have old, large trees around their home. If hazardous for any reason, whether due to age, rot, or top-heavy growth, large trees need the benefit of maintenance. In the absence of some kind of service, the trees could topple under high winds and crash into your home.

In the event of large, old trees near your house, tree cabling is a type of preventative maintenance that can save your home from catastrophic damage. It also represents a pleasant alternative to simply cutting down the old, majestic trees that likely have a positive influence on your property value. As for roofing, it benefits a great deal from preventative maintenance. To begin, schedule an inspection from a trusted roof professional like TQM Roof Solutions. From there, we can recommend and perform practically any type of roof-related preventative maintenance in Fort Worth, TX. To learn more or schedule service, give our team a call today at 682-708-5166.