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Ideal Plantlife for Your Green Roof

Once you’ve decided to create a green roof for your home or office, you’re tasked with identifying the perfect plants and foliage to thrive on your system. Your choices will depend heavily on the type and thickness you expect your green roof to be, and whether you will have planned irrigation. Typically, people choose to install an extensive green roof because of the shallow depth. Others choose intensive options which will need more planning and preparation. For extensive green roof systems, try shallow-rooted plants that thrive in sun and heat.

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Vegetable Gardens

Many use their green roof as a space to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. Short rooted plants work best on rooftops, so go for options like strawberries and radishes for ground cover. More hearty plants like tomatoes, peppers, and lettuce can also be used and will flourish on a hot rooftop.

Herb Gardens

Some like to have fresh herbs at their disposal, and what better place to plant them than on the roof? Even the shallowest rooftop gardens are ideal for herb gardens and can foster plants like thyme, oregano, and cilantro. Other great herbs for your rooftop garden include rosemary, basil, and mint. If so inclined, you can even grow catnip on your roof.

Wildflower Gardens

If you like the flowery field appearance better, a wildflower garden may work best. Most wildflower mixes work well on rooftops, as well as options like moss and succulents. These plants require very little room for roots and minimal care.

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