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Hailstorm in Fort Worth TX: What to Do If You Suspect Roof Damage

In an average year, hail causes a billion dollars in roof damage to homes in the United States. According to the Fort Worth weather report, more than 20 hailstorms have been reported to have occurred in Fort Worth in 2016. Hailstorms are among the nation’s most costly natural disasters.

Sometimes, roof damage caused by a hailstorm may not be visible unless extensive damage has occurred. There have been many cases where homeowners call their local contractor to report a roof leak. After the inspection, the contractors discovered that the roof leak was caused by a hailstorm that may have occurred a couple of years back. The homeowner or building owner doesn’t even recall the hailstorm.

What Are the Dangers of Not Having Timely Roof Inspection or Repair?

Left untreated, hailstorms can cause the following damages to roofs:

1. Leakage

Damaged roof shingles, for instance, may enable water to flow through the roof and cause more damage to the support structure, roof deck, windows or interior walls. Such leakage can lead to many other damages and consequences.

2. Rise of energy bills

A leaky roof can make your home less energy-efficient, increasing your energy bills. If precipitation does not exit properly into the gutters, the roof becomes drenched with water and eventually leaks from the inside to soak the attic’s insulation.

If your insulation is drenched with water, it becomes less efficient at inhibiting heat transfer throughout the roof. Thus, your HVAC system must do extra work to keep the ideal temperature within your home. That increases your electricity bills. Leaks can lead to irreversible insulation damage.

3. Mold growth

A leaking roof can cause mold to spread throughout your unit’s structure. Mold can invade your wood framing, ceiling tiles, wall coverings, and floor. Mildew and mold can intensify rhinitis, inflammation, asthma, and nasal congestion.

4. Pest infestation

Roofing problems can be a source of pest infestation. A leaking roof attracts ants and other pests because of holes and moisture. Pests are not interested in healthy wood; they find damaged wood more alluring.

Because of the holes in your roof, termites can also creep in and eat your wood. Ants will crawl their way into these holes, find the moist parts of your house, and turn them into a nesting ground.

5. Decreased property value

If your house requires certain repairs, then its value may be lowered. From a potential buyer’s point of view, a leaky roof requires extensive and costly repairs. They wouldn’t want to deal with additional expenses.

6. Increased repair costs.

You can fix the damage and maintain the real value of your property in Fort Worth TX, but it would still cost you money. Depending on the degree of the damage, restoring your roof can be more costly and time-consuming than you can anticipate.

7. Failure to claim full coverage of homeowner insurance

Insurance companies consider roofs as among the most crucial sections of your house since they protect your property from harmful elements. If your roof is damaged, you will encounter problems inside your home that requires more claims.

Limiting the frequency of claims that are the product of a leaky roof, most insurers will be more restrictive in terms of roof coverage. Further delays in the inspection of your roof can forfeit your hail damage insurance claim indefinitely.

Things to Do After a Hail Storm

Nearly all roof coverings are susceptible to hail damage either aesthetically or functionally by reducing its ability to shed water. But there are steps you can take after a hail storm to prevent further damage to your property.

1. Check for Damage.

Start checking for damage in different parts of your home. Check if any plants, shrubs, trees have been torn apart because of the hail. The patio furniture, car and other metallic structures inside your house may also be affected. If there are damages in the ground area, then it’s probable that there is damage to your roof as well.

Check the metallic parts of your roof. Any metallic parts of your roof can show marks of hail damage much more than others. If there are any metal valleys, flashing and cents, check for damage on those areas first. If there are no obvious signs of damage, then your roof is probably fine.

• Check the rooftop. The ridge cap on your roofing is plane and flat. During a hailstorm, the leveled top will take more hit than the other sections of the plane section of your roof. Should your roofing be damaged, then you’d probably find the most damage on those parts. Thoroughly check the shingles and their edges for signs of damage.

• Look for any significant signs of damage. You must look for three things while checking your roof for hail damage: missing granules, cracking, and bruising.

2. Hire a Licensed Contractor for a Thorough Inspection of Your Roof

After checking your home or commercial property in Fort Worth and discovering serious damages, you need to contact a professional contractor to do a thorough hail damage roof inspection. Only an experienced contractor can determine the real extent of the damage on your roof.

At this point, DIY projects could be more costly and time-consuming because of the risks involved. These projects may not be considered as part of manufacturer warranty and homeowners insurance without the intervention of a licensed contractor.

You can also take advantage of the contractor’s knowledge and expertise by asking for tips on the best hail damage roof repair or replace your roofing. Professional advice will not only help you save money on the storm damage roof repair but also ensure that your house is protected against hailstorm attacks in the future.


Hail damage may be hard to detect but it can occur subtly and accumulate in time. Thus, it is important to do an immediate inspection with a professional contract. Remember that even a small damage – like a tiny hole, on your roof, can quickly lead to much bigger consequences like the ones we’ve discussed in this post.

Also, an immediate inspection will prevent any further delays that can lead to consequences that will affect your insurance claim. If you think the situation is too complicated for you to handle, you can always rely on the services of an experienced contractor in Fort Worth TX. They will take care of your problem!